Boat Wrapping

Why paint a boat when you can wrap a boat? Boat wrapping can be both an investment in branding or advertising for a sponsor with ‘stand out’ colourful printed graphics and a practical solution as a hull wrap.

Vehicle wrapping technology can be expertly applied to wrapping a boat. In fact, any aquatic vehicle from yachts and pleasure cruisers to powerboats and jet skis can be wrapped in vinyl.

When it comes to boat and yacht wrapping, our highly experienced team have the know how to design, print and fit a boat wrap to any size of yacht or boat at our facilities based in Norwich.

One of the biggest advantages of a vinyl boat wrap is that it is completely reversible. Any wrap can be easily removed, leaving the same condition underneath, having protected the boat from wear and tear and be all ready for a new sponsor!

Talk to our professional team today to find out more about how a boat wrap can enhance any aquatic vehicle by calling us on 01603 747304, request a quote or tell us about your ideas.