Car Detailing


Car Detailing

Professional car detailing is so much more than a traditional car wash

Car detailing results in an enhanced gloss finish with a new depth to the colour and protection for the paintwork.

We provide the highest quality detailing service to ensure your vehicle looks its best! This is achieved by using extremely mild abrasives and foam finishing pads and several stages of polishing. All aspects of your car are given special attention from the wheels up to the glass, both interior and exterior.

Detailing is about cleaning and restoring a vehicle to like-new condition and is a precise and labour-intensive job.

What are the Benefits of Car Detailing?

  • Removes light marring and small surface scratches.
  • Enhanced gloss finish to paintwork.
  • Gives a new clarity and depth to the car’s colour.
  • Preserves upholstery and the car’s interior.
  • Affordable deep clean to restore the overall appearance.
  • Maximises the resale value of your vehicle.
  • Ceramic Coating can be applied after the detailing.

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