Light Tinting


Light Tinting

Customise and protect your car with light tinting

Our complete light tinting service for your vehicle’s headlights and rear lights can change the dynamics of a car’s appearance. The protection offered from a headlight tint or tail light tint ensures damage from road debris, such as stones and sand can be avoided.

Alongside the standard light and darker tinting, you can select any colour for your front and rear lights. The different shades and coloured films available are an affordable and customisable addition to any car or vehicle.

Vehicle lights tinting should always be installed by a professional to ensure MOT and law requirements are met. We only use the highest quality tinting materials and solutions available.

What are the Benefits of Light Tinting?

  • Adds style and instantly customises a vehicle.
  • A light tint protects headlights from chips, dents and scratches.
  • Prevents foggy and hazy appearance on car lights from UV rays.
  • Any existing scratches or cracks will be less visible.
  • Lint tints are easily removeable to return to original condition.

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